@ SUNY Buffalo State January 14-15th

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Hi! We're Synacor. For the last few years, we've run employee-hosted hackathons, and we thought they were pretty fun. Now, we'd like to share it with Buffalo! Here are a few reasons we think you'll like our hackathon too:

  • No cost to enter!
  • Judging by participants!
  • Work on whatever you want (and keep the result)!
  • Choose prizes from a pool of things (like MacBooks)!
  • We'll keep you fed and hydrated caffeinated!

The first annual Synacor Hackathon will be held January 14th – January 15th 2017 at SUNY Buffalo State.

The competition will run 9am–Midnight on Saturday, January 14th and 9am–6pm on Sunday, January 15th with judging and prizes afterwards. The full schedule has all the details.

Prizes include two MacBooks Pros, two MacBook Airs, and things like consoles, gaming accessories, robotics kits, graphics cards.

You must be a member of a team to participate. Teams can contain one to four people. Space is limited, and registration is on a first come, first served basis.

There's also the boring legal stuff, if you're into that.

To participate, log in above, and then create or join a team.