We'd like to thank all the participants for joining us in our first ever open-to-the-public Hackathon! We had an amazing time over two days at Buffalo State, filled with great people, awesome projects, good food, and a load of prizes!

You can read more about how it went over on our blog.

"Overall, the hackathon was amazing. I don't have a single negative thing to say. Thanks to Synacor and all the staff and organizers!"
"Fantastic event! I had a blast, the food was great, everyone was fun to be around."
"It was my first hackathon, and I really had a great time. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but everyone was really welcoming, the food was great, and I learned a ton!"
"For a free hackathon I really couldn't believe how great the food, staff, and prizes were."
"Great food for all meals + snacks. I was worried about having to take time out to run and grab coffees and such... no worries you took care of it all."